PB Owl

P. B. Owl is the Craft name and pen name of an interfaith Priest, Elder and lecturer who has been speaking and writing on a variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics for more than 20 years. He holds a 3rd Degree through the WynDragon Tradition of Wicca, has been Eldered in this Tradition and multiple other Traditions of Wicca, holds a Shamanic initiation and a Reiki II. Since 1995, his articles (primarily as P. B. Owl) and poetry (some appearing under the byline Burrowing Owl) have appeared in Paganet News, 13 Moons, Waxing and Waning, Fagan, WynterGreen, The Starlight Gathering, GreenEggzine and THE PAGAN’S MUSE (ed Jane Raeburn, Citadel Press). He is a founding Elder of the Silver Hand Of Life, an East TN based Wiccan seminary and meditation practice, where he serves as Man in Black. Since 2015, along with several other authors and poets, he reads from his work and discusses techniques weekly with a Knoxville based MeetUp group, Sixty Thousand Words. He is the author of four previous Pagan or Wiccan books. Words of Light and Midnight: Poems from A Pagan Priest, was released in September 2013 by BlackWyrm Publications, followed by Kitchen Witch: Thoughts, Tricks, and Recipes and Wiseward the Wanderings: Further Poems from A Pagan Priest, both released in April 2015, also from BlackWyrm. His 5th Pagan or Wiccan book Heresies and Hat Tricks is coming soon from PaperSteel Press.

Works with PaperSteel Press